Orcs and Goblins are my major army. Their strong point is their numbers, as a single armed goblin is only 3 points. Their weak point is that they could lose huge numbers from a failed leadership test, and consequently running off the board. The new army book annoys me as it ruins one of the best characters, Grimgor Ironhide, who was only 375 (Approx.) points. Goblin fanatics can either be extremely useful or deadly to their own army! I took out half a unit of demon bloodhounds and Karanak with fanatics in a single turn. The race is weak on magic, so your best bet to bring magic into play is having a mounted orc shaman in your army. There is also a lack of shooting in the army the best archers would be boar boyz, but an alternative option would be goblin archers (possibly mounted on spiders.) .

Link to orc and goblin (and other army) site: games workshop

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